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Thank you for this inspiring post! Curious about how you see generative models to help with insights creation (and how you define insights?)

Maybe you have some system like this in mind?

* Input = transactions data of the user

* Output = some text giving the user some insights into their personal finance, maybe some advice, e.g. "Bill X is due in 3 days, remember to transfer $Y from Savings!"

Or are you thinking about it more in terms of developer / data scientist tooling?

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One use case that I’m excited to see is using chatGPT for chargebacks/disputes. There is a known process for filing chargebacks and winning them is all about saying the right things, having the necessary proof, and following the right process. Chargeback win rates are notoriously low in the industry and friendly fraud is extremely high and prevalent. Further, people that commit friendly fraud are way more likely to do it again. Early stage fintechs can start beefing up their disputes management process with fewer team members by training GPT on their processes. Won’t be long before a startup emerges to automate this for fintechs.

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